Russia, China May Sign 5-Year Agreement on Joint Space Exploration

by Staff Writers
Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 29, 2017

Beijing and Moscow may sign an agreement this October on joint space exploration, to be carried out in 2018-2022, Chinese media reported.

The deal would cover five areas, including lunar and deep space exploration, satellite systems, space debris research and Earth remote sensing, CGTN broadcaster reported on Sunday.

Xu Yansong, the head of the International Cooperation Department of the China National Space Administration (CNSA, said in June that China and Russia were in talks on lunar exploration cooperation, because China’s Chang’e-4, Chang’e-5, Chang’e-6 missions were quite similar to Russia’s Luna-26, Luna-27, Luna-28.

Russia’s Lavochkin Research and Production Association said, also in June, that it was ready to work with China on designing lunar exploration missions, including orbital and re-entry ones.

Source: Sputnik News


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