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Y-DNA Haplogroup: I2a2b-L161                            mt-DNA Haplogroup: H ID       : >>KVH39<<                     ID: >>KVH39<< ID          : >>YF04325<<

We consider the importance of that Knowing the Past to Understand the Present better and Plan for the Future.

Welcome to all people. Anyone who is interested in genetics of Balkans can join our group. In this group, main purpose is to discuss the relationship between DNA test results or haplogroups and ancient civilizations.(Language is English for this group).

*Reference Thracian Y-STR(37) Values: >>Excel.file<<
Reference Thracian Y-SNP List: >>Excel.file<< YF04325) Reference Thracian Y-SNP List: >>RAR.file<<
Unetice Culture DNA Analysis: >>PDF.file<<
Urnfield Culture DNA Analysis: >>PDF.file<<
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Genealogy News-2(Erhan Inal): >>click here<<

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